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NAXOS MUSIC LIBRARY WORLD has created a new tool to enrich curious listeners’ music discovery experiences — an interactive map of the world. As the first streaming service dedicated to world music, NML WORLD provides access to recent releases from today’s popular labels along with historically significant field recordings. The map now enables users to start searches with “from where do I want to hear music?” rather than “this music is from where?”
Each release’s title appears in its native language with its ENGLISH translation. And enlarging cover art and booklets shows full liner notes to accompany the streaming tracks. NAXOS allows searches by label, country, date, and a range of other key factors, helping reveal the conditions and circumstances that produce interesting songs from everywhere.
NML WORLD N.A. Sales & Marketing Dir. NICK FLOYD says: “World music tends to be an abstract term, not connected to time or place. Browsing origins of records visually by map can add context to the listening experience. All of a sudden lost voices come to life in full detail!”
Added Dir./Licensing And Library Services NICK D'ANGIOLILLO: “Country borders are very defined, while musically distinct cultural groups can live in many countries at once.”
For example, clicking on WESTERN EUROPE might bring up AUSTRALIANworks if composers, titles, or other identifiers are related to that area. Albums including works from multiple regions and cultures show up under all possible map locations.
NML WORLD features a team of more than 35 musicologists to ensure classification accuracy, and the listening audience can help it continuously improve. If a work’s associated location or cultural group needs to be reconsidered, D’ANGIOLILLO says, “We have a musical discussion. We use listener and staff feedback and wrestle over cataloging decisions, which sets our service apart.”
NML is available for institutional and professional subscriptions and is currently enjoyed by over 2,000 universities, performing arts organizations, and public libraries throughout the world.
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